Government Releases E-Commerce Roadmap

Long-awaited document covers key components for the digital economy

By Gilang Ardana
Monday, August 28, 2017

The Indonesian government, through Presidential Regulation No. 74 of 2017, has released the Roadmap for National Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) for 2017-2019.  To read the full English translation of the roadmap, click here.

The roadmap is designed to be a guide for the central and regional governments to establish policy and an action plan to accelerate e-commerce. It is also expected to provide guidance for stakeholders in the organization of e-commerce activities.

There are eight major components to the roadmap: funding, taxation, consumer protection, education and human resources, communication infrastructure, logistics, cyber security and the implementing organization.

The roadmap covers key targets to be achieved by various government institutions over the next two years. These key targets are related to the components above, with specific deadlines for each target. The roadmap comes into force effective August 3.

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