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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The OSAC Security Committee is AmCham Indonesia's link to the US Embassy's Warden Committee by which the American business community can quickly be notified in the event of an emergency announcement. The Security Committee is also charged with collecting and disseminating security information of interest to the AmCham community. As such, the committee concerns itself with issues like corporate & residential security, social & labor unrest, regional separatism, corporate espionage, drug trafficking, urban crime, police & military reform, and the general security of US citizens abroad. The recent combination of the AmCham Indonesia Security Committee with the Overseas Security Advisory Council - Indonesia Country Council (OSAC-ICC) provides a direct link into the State Department's Washington OSAC organization. This facilitates information exchange concerning security issues with other OSAC country Councils worldwide. It also formalizes the Security Committee's contact with Embassy's Regional Security Officer since OSAC country council development and promotion is one of the RSO's briefs. This strengthens the Security Committee's (and AmCham's) lines of communication into the Embassy.



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