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Flight Passengers Restricted, Survivors Can Be Vaccinated After 1 Month, ICT and Education Missions, Pampering Your Pets
Oct 01, 2021 | AmCham Indonesia


90 Passengers Only for International Flights

Indonesia has limited incoming international flights to only 90 passengers per flight in anticipation of a potential spike in Covid-19 cases. This is regulated in Director General of Civil Aviation Decree Au.006/2/7/DRJU.DAU-2021, which took effect on Sept 30. All foreign and local airlines are also required to arrange and report incoming passenger data, said Director General of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Transportation Novie Riyanto.

The data will be given to the Chair of the Airport Facilities Committee, the Commander of the Air Task Force, the Head of the Port Health Office, and the Executive General Manager (EGM) of the respective airports. This is to ensure PCR tests and quarantine procedures run smoothly.

Regulators and airport operators will also increase the PCR swab test service capacity to 1,000 people per hour and accelerate the test results to be within one hour. Passenger capacity limitations have previously been implemented in Australia, the Philippines, and Japan. 

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Covid-19 Survivors Can Be Vaccinated After 1 Month

Covid-19 survivors can be vaccinated a month after receiving a negative test result, according to Circular Letter of Director General of Disease Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health HK.02.01/I/2524/2021, which replaces Minister of Health Decree HK.01.01.07/Menkes/4638/2021, which said survivors may only be vaccinated three months after a negative test.

For survivors with mild to moderate symptoms, vaccinations may be given at a minimum interval of one month after a negative test, while survivors with severe symptoms will still have to wait three months.

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DG of Disease Prevention and Control Circular Letter No. HK.02.01/I/2524/2021 

More AstraZeneca Vaccines Arrive

Some 796,900 AstraZeneca vaccines donated by Italy arrived in Indonesia yesterday, Sept 30, through the global COVAX vaccination scheme. Indonesia will also take delivery of 600,000 AstraZeneca vaccines from France tomorrow, Oct 2, to reach a total of 3.1 million vaccines from the French.

Meanwhile, 1,291,850 first doses of the vaccine were administered on Sept 29, according to Covid-19 Task Force data, bringing the total number of first doses to 89,822,987. Second doses increased by 757,275 to 50,412,993, while 7,283 third doses (booster) were given to health workers for a total of 924,828. The first dose has now hit 43.13 percent of the government’s target, and the second dose is 24.12 percent.

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The Not-So-Secret Life of Pets

So far we have given you ideas for what to do with your kids during the pandemic and some more adult-friendly alternatives, but what about your favorite canine or feline companion?

Let’s get physical. Take your pets outside for some fresh air and playtime. Luckily, Jakarta has lots of pet-friendly spaces available. There are several pet parks scattered around the capital, with facilities available ranging from pools to obstacle courses and wide grassed areas for your pet to run around in. Prominent pet parks include Como Park and Zoom Pet City, both located in South Jakarta. Want to take your pets shopping? Take a look into malls such as Central Park, Senayan Park (SPARK), and PIK Avenue.

If your pet is not into the outdoors, consider going to a cafe dedicated to pets. Pet cafes have become popular destinations for both pet parents and non-pet owners to meet each other’s paw pals while trying out some delicious food. Alternatively, create your own pet cafe at home. With online tutorials for pet-friendly treats such as puppocinos and cat cupcakes, the options are endless. It is also a fun opportunity to get your kids involved, by getting them to help you cook and pretending to be pawristas for a day.

Is your pet is feeling a bit down? Pamper your four-legged companion with some spa time. Pet grooming facilities like The Dog Spa and Magadisa Pet Spa are perfect to give your pet some rest and relaxation. With services ranging from a simple wash to mud and microbubble baths, your pet will come out refreshed and looking squeaky clean. There are also a lot of at-home grooming services available for those who want a more quick and personalized experience.

Although more spaces are becoming pet-friendly, always call in advance. But regardless of whether you are at home or going outdoors, please make sure your pet has had their vaccinations and is healthy, and happy. As responsible pet owners don’t forget to uphold the 3Ms and only go out when you are in good health.

New Green Zone, Still No Red Zones

Intan Jaya region in Papua has become Indonesia's second green zone (no Covid-19 cases), joining the Arfak Mountains in West Papua, as reported by the Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas). There are also no high-risk red zones, 89 orange zones (medium risk), and 481 yellow zones (low risk).

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AmCham Cares: ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips has vaccinated approximately 6,000 of its employees, dependents, and contractors eligible for vaccination, through the government-sponsored Vaksinasi Program Pemerintah (VPP) and the independent Vaksinasi Gotong Royong (VGR) program.

ConocoPhillips' support has also extended to other stakeholders. It has donated around 50,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to health workers, teachers, students, and surrounding communities in South Sumatra; and 38 oxygen bottles to government medical facilities. Other community development programs have been adjusted to help communities in mitigating the economic impact of the pandemic through the distribution of staple foods. The company has also donated $45,000 as part of the 2021 upstream oil and gas industry joint Covid-19 donation. 

ConocoPhillips has also committed $200,000 for the Oxygen for Indonesia initiative by the YCAB Foundation in cooperation with the US Chamber of Commerce-led Global Task Force on Pandemic Response.

More Talk, More Listening: AmCham Mission Optimistic on Digital Future

Greater dialogue between decision-makers and the private sector, along with greater regulatory transparency and certainty were the key takeaways from AmCham Indonesia's "Indonesia's Digital Future" three-day virtual mission, held in conjunction with the US Chamber of Commerce, on Sept 28-30 on the Zoom platform.

Government officials, decision-makers, and representatives from the private sector focusing on information, communications, and technology (ICT) who attended the mission, part of the AmCham and the US Chamber's Initiative Indonesia foreign investment program, were left in no doubt Indonesia is on the right track for the abundant opportunities available in ITC, providing certain wrinkles are ironed out.

The seven-session Mission began with a US Government Assessment panel introduced by John Goyer, Executive Director, Southeast Asia, of the US Chamber, with discussions by representatives from the US Embassy, Jakarta, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)US Department of Commerce, on how an improving the digital environment was vital to increasing Indonesia's economic competitiveness.

One conclusion, which was repeated throughout the Mission's sessions, was that the government needs to further engage stakeholders and build coalitions to improve the digital climate to attract foreign investors.

Issues of data privacy, local data centers, and both regulatory transparency and consistency between government ministries were also common themes throughout.

Other sessions touched on cyber security through Dono Indarto, Deputy of Cybersecurity and Cryptography Strategy and Policy, National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN); US private sector engagement in Indonesia with presentations by Qualcomm InternationalMicrosoftIBM, and Facebook; supporting the growth of e-commerce; the regulatory environment from the point of view of the Financial Services Authority (OJK); and the long-awaited data privacy bill with Rizki Natakusumah, a member of House of Representative's (DPR) Commission I.

"The discussions we had were both relevant and diverse," said AmCham Managing Director A Lin Neumann. "On a mission like this, we can engage with leading policymakers, Indonesian and US officials, and private sector leaders. The end result is a sophisticated and nuanced view of a complex industry like IT.

"I think we were all pleased with both the turnout of the companies and the response of the government. The session with the DPR on data protection was very helpful and the private sector panel by companies was another highlight."

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Hybrid vs Full Time Face-to-Face Learning: AmCham Forum

AmCham Indonesia's Education and Workforce Development Committee held its third Education Forum of the year yesterday, Sept 30, focusing on hybrid vs full-time face-to-face learning. There were five speakers representing regulators, schools, parents, and students.

Totok Amin Soefijanto, Senior Policy Advisor for the Jakarta City Government in the Governor’s Delivery Unit said student learning levels, already low in Indonesia, have been hit hard by the pandemic. The government is targeting to re-open all schools by the end of this year, provided all school staff, students, and parents have been vaccinated.

Maya Nelson, Interim Head of School for Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) said JIS had learned several things during the 18 months of online and hybrid/blended learning: students generally do a great job following the rules; some students do good online while others thrive in a school environment; protocols and procedures help with all aspects of schooling; it has been critical to work closely with the JIS Health Service Team; and maintaining good communication is important as balancing all aspects between parents, teachers, and students can be challenging.

Shawn Hutchinson, Head of ACG School Jakarta spoke on the positive side of hybrid learning, where students have more flexibility and accessibility, which supports an increase in attendance, and teachers explore more education technology (EdTech) resources.

“Students nowadays are more tech-savvy, therefore it is important for teachers to familiarize themselves with EdTech resources," he said.

Nina Handoko, a mother of four whose children are in secondary, middle, and high school levels, spoke from a parent's perspective. She said every parent has the same concern when it comes to sending their children back to school – how to keep their kids safe and protected from Covid-19 while getting them out of the house and into a more productive learning environment.

“Good communication and the relationship between the school [access to the head of schools and teachers], students and parents are the foundation of effective learning.” She added that parental education is pivotal for students' learning development. 

All speakers agreed that going back to face-to-face learning is crucial for students’ productive learning development, but it needs to be backed up by the proper health protocols and procedures.

Manufacturing Enters Expansion Phase

Indonesia's manufacturing performance entered the expansion zone in September. The Purchasing Manager Index (PMI), recorded by Information Handling Services Markit, shows Indonesia increased to 52.2 from 43.7, with a figure above 50 indicating the expansion stage.

Statistics Indonesia also recorded deflation of 0.04 percent month-on-month. Of the 90 cities rated by the Consumer Price Index (IHK), 56 experienced deflation and 34 inflation. The highest deflation rate was in Gorontalo at 0.90 percent, while the inflation rate was highest in Pangkalpinang at 0.60 percent.

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