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(IN-PERSON) Education & Workforce Development Committee Meeting: Education and AI - November 2023
November 13, 2023 | by AmCham Webmaster

The AmCham Indonesia Education and Workforce Development Committee held a meeting on Nov 10, discussing the intersection of education and artificial intelligence (AI). The meeting featured speakers including Director of Government Affairs at Microsoft Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam Ajar Edi, Elementary Learning Innovation and Technology Coach at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) Mindy Slaughter, and Coding & Design Teacher and Middle School Technology Coach at JIS Michelle Matias.

The session discussed the role of human decision-making, underlining the irreplaceable requirement for human pilots even as AI supports our activities. The speakers also acknowledged existing challenges in using AI such as data privacy, inherent bias in AI systems, and academic integrity, along with emphasizing the need for the government to regulate technologies like AI especially concerning data privacy. It was emphasized technical expertise alone is insufficient, with soft skills development crucial to ensure AI is used effectively and responsibly.

Closing off the meeting was a lively Q&A session, which highlighted the importance of the ethical use of AI, especially in an era of advancing technology.

We would like to thank our speakers for their time and participation. For further inquiries and details about the committee please contact Pat Puspitasari at [email protected].

For opportunity for additional visibility please contact: [email protected]

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