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AmCham Webinar on New Investment List
February 05, 2021 | by AmCham Webmaster

AmCham Indonesia, in collaboration with SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultants, today, Feb 5, hosted a webinar themed “Indonesia’s New Investment List – What Businesses Should Know and Prepare For.” The guest speakers were Stephen Igor Warokka, SSEK Partner, and Greita Anggraeni, SSEK Associate Lawyer.

Stephen started the session by highlighting the government’s draft presidential regulation containing the new investment list. He detailed the changes in the new list, including the introduction of business fields reserved for the central government and priority business fields. Greita continued the session by discussing details on shareholding composition in mergers or acquisitions, as well as other potential issues under the new investment list.

There is still some lack of clarity, for example, on when a foreign investor can hold 100 percent of an investment in some fields. Overall, the changes are positive for investors.

During the question and answer session, many queries revolved around challenges businesses may face such as conflicting sectoral regulations and ministerial policies. Stephen recommended businesses reach out to business groups such as AmCham Indonesia to maximize advocacy efforts with the government.

The new investment list is seen as a good start for an improved investment climate. The speakers also expressed optimism that, depending on how it is applied, the new investment list could boost Indonesia’s ease of doing business ranking.

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