July Services Committee Virtual Meeting
Jul 26, 2021 / 08:30 - 10:00

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Please be so kind as to open your calendars as soon as possible, and block the time for our next Services Committee virtual meeting (unfortunately, still another “Services Breakfast without Breakfast”), on Monday, July 26, from 08:30 am-10:00 am.

This keeps us close to our bi-monthly schedule and provides a great opportunity to take stock and compare developments during the first half of the year, with our expectations for the rest of 2021. Time clearly has been flying, which, like so many other observations, continues to confront us with that unfortunate "COVID new normal,” which we need to cope with, but I am sure our services session will provide everybody, by listening to a multitude of experiences, observations and expectations, shared via the traditional “around the table” information exchange, with some extremely valuable perspectives.

For newcomers to the AmCham Services Committee meeting, allow me to briefly give you an idea of how the meeting runs and its history, which is built on free-flowing, Chatham House Rules following, input from all the participants, with myself merely “conducting the traffic,” as I have been doing for decades.

We have participants from the broadest possible services spectrum, bringing together friends from the banking, insurance, hospitality, and security sectors, colleagues who are experts in information technology, education, the tax environment, real estate, moving and freight forwarding, manufacturers and distributors, as well as consultants of all kinds of backgrounds, embassy representatives, USAID, the list goes on.

We are also trying to take the temperature of the environment overall, and are regularly collecting participants' good, bad or so-so votes during a brief "time out" session, conducted by our incredibly supportive AmCham office team.

Please confirm your availability/participation in the July 26 session, and please be also prepared to contribute your personal input to this extremely informative effort by the Chamber. We look forward to seeing you, for now still via ZOOM, and once again in the future during some real around-the-table face-to-face breakfast sessions.

Stay healthy and well - until then, all the best.


Peter Meyer
AmCham Indonesia

Governor Emeritus
Services Chair

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