Financial Technology and Financial Services Mission

AmCham Indonesia and the US Chamber of Commerce to hold Fintech and Financial Services Mission

By Karmila Bain
Monday, June 11, 2018

As a part of the US-Indonesia Investment Initiative 2018, AmCham Indonesia and the US Chamber of Commerce will hold a Fintech and Financial Services Mission in Jakarta on June 27-28. This will be the second mission the initiative has held this year, following the Innovation Mission in March, which focused mostly on Patent Law regulations.

Companies that have confirmed they will attend the mission this month include senior executives from IBM, Cigna, MetLife, Visa, Mastercard, 3M, RGA, S&P Global, and Google, with more expected. The delegation will visit a series of government agencies during the two-day event, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Bank Indonesia, and several others related to fintech and financial services.

The mission will highlight key issues in the development of the sectors, and will include a multistakeholder forum with local associations and businesses. An evening reception will also be conducted in conjunction with the Joint Chambers Networking Evening.

AmCham hopes this mission will not only be a place for the participating companies to have continued communication with the Indonesian government, but also to build mutual collaboration with the local financial technology and financial services sectors.

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