Good Friends: AmCham and KoCham

AmCham leaders join hands with Korea association

By AmCham Staff
Monday, August 28, 2017

AmCham Indonesia Board President Brian Arnold and Managing Director A Lin Neumann were the guests of honor for a meeting with the Korean Chamber of Commerce (KoCham) on August 26, exchanging views on business and politics.

The meeting was in keeping with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed between the two chambers in December 2014 that encouraged formal cooperation between two of the largest foreign business chambers in Indonesia.

KoCham Chairman CK Song hosted the event and took the occasion to introduce a number of senior Korean business leaders to AmCham. KoCham gathers its board and employees twice a month for Saturday morning discussions on local conditions.

“It is important that we work together,” said Song, “to help investors from both countries have good relations with the government.” 

Korean-owned companies employ about 500,000 people in Indonesia. “It’s like we employ Hawaii,” joked Song.

“We enjoy working with KoCham and building strong relations between Korean and US investors,” added Arnold.

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