Indonesia Needs Plan B

Indonesia seeks ‘back up' of US investment: BKPM

By Farida Susanty/The Jakarta Post
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Indonesia may have to put a little more effort into making itself attractive for United States investors in the wake of a protectionist Donald Trump presidency, Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) head Thomas "Tom" Lembong said on Monday.

The Indonesian government will also simultaneously try to seek "back up" investors from other countries in case US firms have to abide by policies made by President Trump, Lembong said but did not elaborate.

"There might be pressure on US investors from the government to invest domestically. Consequently, we have to work extra to ensure that Indonesia is attractive to US firms," Lembong said.

Based on data provided by BKPM, the US invested US$1.16 billion on 540 projects in Indonesia throughout 2016.

"Investments from US firms tend to be of high quality, for example in the technology and consumer brands sectors," Lembong said.

In his inaugural speech, Trump stressed that his administration demanded the country’s businesses to invest in their home countries to create jobs. It is part of his America First policy to fulfill his campaign promises.

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