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AmCham changes offices and adopts a new lifestyle

By AmCham Staff
Monday, November 26, 2018

AmCham Indonesia is pleased to announce that we have moved to a new location with a new attitude. Effective November 12, AmCham took up residence in WeWork/Revenue Tower in SCBD Jakarta. But this change represents more than a new address, it heralds a new work style.

WeWork began moving into the Jakarta market just a few months ago and AmCham is pleased to be an early and enthusiastic part of the community. In addition to Revenue Tower, SCBD’s newest office tower, the company has two other locations on offer with more to come soon.

WeWork is a dynamic American company, founded in 2010, that combines office space with a co-work environment. The concept and the execution have caught on and the company now operates in 96 cities worldwide with nearly 500 working locations.

WeWork defines its mission as rethinking the entire way people work. “We wanted to build a community. A place you join as an individual, 'me,' but where you become part of a greater 'we,'” the company says on its website.

AmCham was attracted to this growing community and being able to utilize the flexibility on offer at WeWork. We now have the space to hold meetings of differing sizes and events at WeWork and also to interact with the many great companies that are located there.

Of course, changes also require adjustments. In our new space, we no longer have individual cubicles or offices, but the team works side-by-side and then uses the many options at WeWork for both privacy and various types of meetings. This move will also propel us further toward a paperless future as we seek more cloud solutions and rethink our approaches to work. We are excited to be taking this step.

“I gave up my corner office,” joked AmCham Managing Director A Lin Neumann, “and honestly I do not miss it.”

In addition to AmCham moving in, WeWork has joined AmCham as our newest Platinum partner. This represents a real partnership for both of us. One of our major goals with this partnership is to increase our reach among companies that may not yet know about our work. Now our team will interact with a wide variety of companies on a daily basis – and we hope this will result in more fresh ideas for AmCham. 

In addition, we encourage our AmCham members to learn more about WeWork and to visit us in our new home. To find out more about WeWork in Jakarta and beyond, click here.

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