Happy Trails, Mary Silaban

Best wishes for the future to one of the mainstays of our staff

By A Lin Neumann
Monday, December 18, 2017

As the year draws to a close, we also bid farewell and best wishes for success in the future to one of the mainstays of our staff, Mary Silaban, our director of communications and government relations.

For nearly five years, Mary’s infectious personality, deep contacts in government and beyond and boundless enthusiasm have helped to develop and guide our communication and advocacy efforts. If we needed to reach out to an official in government, Mary could always figure out a path to the person in question. She spotted and reached out to director generals and others who could be helpful in the future and could always get the right companies together quickly for a coalition on an emerging issue.

She frequently came to my office to warn me away from potential mistakes and she lobbied hard for issues that she felt would help our members. Never short of ideas, Mary helped shape our investment summits and reports in many creative ways, while also overseeing the production of publications. She was crucial to the growth of our work and helped build a dynamic and hard-working young staff.

But it is probably Mary’s sense of humor that we will miss the most in the office. Ready with a joke, an irreverent comment or an outspoken assessment of any situation, she kept meetings vibrant and never let the atmosphere grow dull.

For all that you have done and just for who you are, Mary Silaban, we will miss you.

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