Environmental Management & Protection Committee

Monday, September 11, 2017

Chair : Agnes Safford

As the Government of Indonesia promulgates regulations to manage and protect the environment, industry finds itself in a unique position to engage in meaningful discussions related to definitions, intent and implementation. Environment Law 32/2009, Waste Management Law 18/2008, PROPER, and REDD are just a few examples of recent regulations and initiatives in this arena.

The Environmental Management and Protection Committee (EMP) aims to be the focal point of discussions on environmental advocacy, regulatory development and implementation. The Committee seeks to raise awareness of the interpretation and implementation issues associated with proposed and promulgated laws. Proposed activities include: hosting speakers; developing a reference desk with EMP laws, regulations and presentations; and supporting workshops on EMP-related issues.

By stimulating inter-committee communication, the committee will help identify synergies and leverage benefits from a unified voice. Direct requests for EMP information and involvement can be made through the EMP committee, which will direct members to appropriate resources. Committee members are encouraged to propose and organize EMP events and activities which cater to specific membership interests.

Finally, the committee endeavors to facilitate membership participation in EMP advocacy by engaging civil society, industry and regulators at all levels, as well as sharing best management practices, tools and case studies.

Environmental protection by definition is a multi-disciplinary activity that cuts across technical, social and financial arenas. While characterizing physical, chemical and biological risks is a science, predicting, mitigating and managing the social impacts associated with environmental activities can be an art. AmCham members bring with them the expertise needed to appropriately address the environmental issues affecting Indonesia today. Members interested in pursuing these issues will find the committee a breath of fresh air.

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