Education & Workforce Development

Co-chair : Paul Smith & Andrew Winoto

The education sector is vast, encompassing early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, informal, religious, and vocational education. Workforce development programs overlap and complement the formal education system, and provide needed skills and training to those already employed. Members’ support of these sectors includes training teachers and professors, providing infrastructure, curriculum development, materials donation, scholarships, supporting management structures and parents’ groups, assistance to government entities, providing funds for operations and volunteers for tutoring. It also includes exchanges, leadership training, internships, and job placement.

The Education and Workforce Development Committee endeavors to support AmCham members’ efforts in all areas of education and workforce development by:
• Convening events where committee members can share and learn about current efforts and trends in the sectors
• Facilitating partnerships for existing and potential education and workforce development activities
• Promoting members’ tested approaches, good practices, and success stories in education and workforce development programming
• Keeping members apprised of recent developments that may affect their investments in education and workforce development
• Acting as a point of contact for AmCham on education and workforce development issues, liaising with other chambers of commerce, government bodies, and other organizations on behalf of the membership
• If the need arises, playing an advocacy role articulating the collective voice of the membership aimed at particular education and/or workforce development policies, regulations or decrees
[Note: In some cases we will use our convening power to encourage discussions around policy issues where the group may be larger than AmCham members, and choose to coordinate beyond the scope of our committee.]

To accomplish this, the Education and Workforce Development Committee will:
• Hold regular face-to-face meetings that give members a chance to share their own initiatives and accomplishments
• Share information via email and the web site about new and existing initiatives and programs
• Host a minimum of 3 speaker events throughout the year on education and/or workforce development topics
• Highlight a range of member success stories on the web site, available to the public
• Provide a searchable database of partnership opportunities in relevant sectors
• Report on news relevant to AmCham committee members’ interests and initiatives
• Organize events in conjunction with AmCham members and other interested organizations to promote human capacity development in Indonesia
Convene ad-hoc forums on issues of concern whereby members can meet and discuss the topic, and choose to
coordinate on future action

The Education and Workforce Development Committee anticipates working closely with a number of other AmCham committees, including the Corporate Citizenship Committee and the Human Resources Committee. The Committee will also aim for more collaboration with other chambers, APINDO, and KADIN.


Database of project and partnership opportunities.

The Education and Workforce Development Committee has made available a database to facilitate collaboration between AmCham members. These collaborations can be formal, informal or just a good idea! We encourage you to use this database to complement the other channels that we use to find and get to know one another. Please find below a link where you can add your own opportunity for partnership, and another link where you can browse and search the existing opportunities. (Please note that the opportunities described herein are the responsibility of the parties that proposed them (see contact information included), and have not been vetted or endorsed by AmCham.)

If you are not an AmCham member but wish to share or browse opportunities, we can issue you a temporary ID and Password. Kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your request, and temporary ID will be sent you within 2 working days.


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