AmCham Indonesia Coordinators

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Coordinators are appointed by the President and attend the monthly Board of Governors' meeting. There are currently five coordinator positions: Activities, International Business Chamber, Members, Programs & Briefings, and USAID Liason. Please select from the list of coordinator position on the left navigation for more info.

Activities Coordinator

Doug Slusher, Coordinator

The Activities Coordinator asks for volunteers (from the membership) to chair, manage and organize major AmCham Indonesia functions, one of which is the Kalkun Thanksgiving Day Golf Tournament . Other events may be suggested by the membership to the coordinator who will then present these ideas to the Board of Governors. The Coordinator may or may not serve on the committee arranging the function. The Executive Director will participate in every event to assure the consistency of AmCham Indonesia's procedures. It is the coordinator's primary responsibility to ensure that each event is properly managed, coordinated with the Executive Director, and reported to the board . In addition to working with the Executive Director, the Coordinator plans and arranges the monthly cocktail receptions and interfaces with other Chambers and organizations for joint events.

International Business Coordinator

James Castle, Coordinator

The International Business Chamber Coordinator attends the monthly meetings of the International Business Chamber (IBC), represents the interests of AmCham Indonesia and works to arrive at common positions that represent the interests of all of the Chambers. From time to time, the Coordinator may serve as the Chair of the International Business Chamber.

Membership Coordinator

Bill Lloyd, Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator, working with the Executive Director, promotes membership in AmCham Indonesia, administers and reviews membership applications, recommends appropriate dues levels and assists the AmCham Indonesia Executive Office with the maintenance of membership records, resolution of membership-related issues and the publication of the Membership Directory.

Programs Coordinator

Mark Winkel, Coordinator

The Programs & Briefings Coordinator plans events for the AmCham Indonesia membership such as addresses by prominent Indonesians and Americans in the public and private sectors. Speakers are typically Government of Indonesia Ministers, U.S. Government cabinet officials, CEOs and other high-ranking representatives from major American and Indonesian corporations. The programs range from business lunches, to round-table discussions, to special events in liaison with other Chambers of Commerce, KADIN and AmCham Indonesia Committees.

The Coordinator also brings knowledgeable AmCham Indonesia members together with visitors frequently but not always representing American companies planning to invest in Indonesia in an informal, off-the-record setting, usually a breakfast. Visitors are free to ask any questions they like, taking advantage of the combined knowledge of AmCham Indonesia representatives to find out what to expect when doing business in Indonesia, and gaining valuable advice and insights from business people with first-hand experience. Aside from potential investors, organizations who often avail themselves of this service are Congressional delegations and others on fact-finding missions from the U.S. government, non-profit organizations, and current AmCham Indonesia companies who would like their visiting U.S.-based executives to gain an understanding of the business climate by hearing what others have to say about Indonesia.

USAID Liason Coordinator

Dennis Heffernan
, Coordinator

The USAID Liaison Coordinator assists USAID by providing input to USAID, and sometimes to USAID-sponsored project personnel. The major input provided concerns American business sector views of the objectives, activities, impacts, timings, methods, directions, results, etc. of USAID's projects. In addition, the committee reviews USAID projects from the point of their usefulness to the Indonesian and American business communities and the potential for projects to become possible public-private partnerships.

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