Membership Categories

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Corporate Member

This category is open to companies and not-for-profit entities with US business interests; this includes:

  • Companies with international headquarters in the U.S. or are traded in U.S. stock markets and with business interests in Indonesia;
  • Companies in Indonesia that import American products as a significant part of their business;
  • Companies in Indonesia that export products to America as a significant part of their business;
  • Companies and organizations that provide goods and services to U.S. companies and citizens in Indonesia.
  • Overseas companies that have business interests in Indonesia.

         Each Corporate Member is represented by 3 Corporate Member Representatives (CMR’s).

Individual Member

This category is open to all individuals resident in Indonesia who do not qualify for COR membership as defined under Company Representative above.

Special Member

This category is open to any individual resident in Indonesia, employed by or associated with a non-profit organization, the activities and interests of which are in agreement with the objectives of AmCham Indonesia. This category also includes young professionals new to the local work-force and alumnus of U.S. colleges and universities, regardless of their employers’ citizenship status. Approval for this category is at the discretion of the AmCham Indonesia Managing Director.

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