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81 12/03/2014: Presidential hopeful Gita Wirjawan interviewed; AmCham's "door knock" trip to Washington DC; the mobile money market examined; what you need to know about the new social security system; and much, much more! 12 March 2014
82 20/02/2014: National Energy Council's Dr Ir Tumiran interviewed; new Trade Law analysed; the latest on smelters and the mineral export tax; AmCham heads back to DC; Internet domain names regulated and much, much more! 21 February 2014
83 03/02/2014: Kuntoro Mangkusubroto interviewed, alcohol regulations update, new rules on hiring expats, mining latest, import tax rise, and much, much more! 03 February 2014
84 17/01/2014: Vice Trade Minister Bayu Krishnamurthi interviewed, Mineral Resources Director General Q&A, mineral ore ban update, data centers latest, Industry Law analysed, GAKESLAB on health care, and much, much more! 17 January 2014
85 20/12/2013: Andrew Sisson of USAID interviewed, World Bank's Indonesia Economic Quarterly launched, legal agreemenst under review, oil and gas in 2013 and much, much more! 20 December 2013
86 12/12/2013: James Castle interviewed, AmCham AGM, energy update, the food law, bribery report and much, much more! 12 December 2013
87 25/11/2013: Exclusive Prabowo interview, controversial expat regulations for oil and gas, infrastructure snapshot, new BKPM capital investment guidelines and much, much more! 24 November 2013
88 17/10/2013: Aburizal Bakrie exclusive interview, APEC round-up, GM's Marcos A Purty talks cars, Jakarta infrasructure update, AmCham's foreign investment report and much, much more! 17 October 2013
89 30/09/2013: Robert Wang, lead US diplomat for APEC interviewed; Toyota-Astra's Johnny Darmawan talks green cars and gridlock; farmer's bill analyzed; John Fawcett Foundation saving sight of Indonesians; and much, much more! 27 September 2013
90 09/09/2013: The road to 2014 analysis, green car policy finally hits the road, AmCham feedback on DNI, social security law implications and much, much more! 09 September 2013
91 15/08/2013: Jeff Shellebarger of Chevron interviewed, union leader Said Iqbal Q&A, will alcohol really be banned in Indonesia, background checks and much, much more! 15 August 2013
92 26/07/2013: Labor issues - Union leader Mudhofir Q&A and social security woes, US trade issues and much, much more! 26 July 2013
93 11/07/2013: Labor in focus - union leader Andi Gani Nena Wea interviewed, an overview of the issues and what the new outsourcing regulations mean; plus mixology with Carson Quinn and much, much more! 11 July 2013
94 1/7/2013: Corporate social responsibility special, new Exxon head interviewed, Ahok on beautifying Jakarta and much, much more! 01 July 2013
95 14/05/2013: Suryo Bambang Sulisto interviewed, more from our DC door-knock, the shale gas threat, economic nationalism and the US, and much, much more! 14 June 2013
96 30/05/2013: Sofjan Wanandi Q&A, AmCham in DC, new e-commerce regulations and much, much more 30 May 2013
97 16/5/2013: Kit Bond Q&A, DC diary, Trade and Industry Laws updates, and much, much more! 16 May 2013
98 3/5/2013: Martiono Hadianto, Anies Beswadan, employment law, Big Durian race and much much more! 03 May 2013
99 AmCham DC visit, Ford MD interviewed, Negative Investment List, robots and much, much more! 17 April 2013
100 Cargill's country head interviewed, food and franchise law updates and much, much more! 05 April 2013

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