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61 01/09/2014: The ILO's Yoshiteru Uramoto on labor and AEC 2015; Jokowi's transition team Q&A; employment law update; latest on the fuel subsidy; Coca Cola CSR; Batam invewstment update and much, much more! 01 September 2014
62 22/08/2014: PLN chief Nur Pamudji interviewed; government to get tougher on intellectual property rights; the perils of popularity for Jokowi; is Indonesia ready for AEC 2015? Intel and Caterpillar CSR; new did you know? and much, much more! 22 August 2014
63 14/08/2014: Andrew White interviewed; Finance Minister Chatib Basri Q&A; Freeport exports to resume; e-commerce regulations; Jokowi's angels; food labeling regulations clarified and much, much more!; 02 August 2014
64 16/7/2014: Peter Meyer Q&A; Heri Poernomo‏ of the Oil and Gas Directorate General interviewed; AmCham on CNBC; Newmont seeks arbitration; cool Indonesian kids win international science award and much, much more! 16 July 2014
65 30/06/2014: AmCham President Brian Arnold; how the markets view Jokowi and Prabowo; your company and corruption; SBY's farewell budget cuts; the Kadin presidential debate; AmCham goes outward bound and much, much more! 30 June 2014
66 11/06/2014: Scot Marciel interviewed; Indonesian government wants its share of the smartphone boom; cashew company's CSR in Bali; farewell to Danny Hughes; birth certificates for Indonesian kids and much, much more! 11 June 2014
67 old11/06/2014: Scot Marciel interviewed; Indonesian government wants its share of the smartphone boom; cashew company's CSR in Bali; farewell to Danny Hughes; birth certificates for Indonesian kids and much, much more! 11 June 2014
68 28/05/2012: Ambassador Robert O. Blake interviewed; Sunda Strait bridge and banking sector Q&As; the DNI from legal viewpoint; new property insurance rules; health issues arising from the new social security system and much, much more! 28 May 2014
69 7/5/2014: GM's Michael Dunne interviewed; explaining the new trade and industry laws; how the power hike will impact industry; SBY rejects BITs; AmCham/UPH scholarship; USINDO's 20th anniversary; and much, much more! 07 May 2014
70 15/4/2014: Electricity Director General Jarman talks Indonesia's power needs; new law on outer space; AmCham investment initiative; new DNI list; the Great Durian Race and much, much more! 15 April 2014
71 28/03/2014: Eugene Galbraith interviewed, Deputy Energy Minister Susilo Siswoutomo Q&A, Jokowi's presidential bid analysis, the ease of doing business in Indonesia, AmCham's Red Cross MOU, and much, much more! 27 March 2014
72 12/03/2014: Presidential hopeful Gita Wirjawan interviewed; AmCham's "door knock" trip to Washington DC; the mobile money market examined; what you need to know about the new social security system; and much, much more! 12 March 2014
73 20/02/2014: National Energy Council's Dr Ir Tumiran interviewed; new Trade Law analysed; the latest on smelters and the mineral export tax; AmCham heads back to DC; Internet domain names regulated and much, much more! 21 February 2014
74 03/02/2014: Kuntoro Mangkusubroto interviewed, alcohol regulations update, new rules on hiring expats, mining latest, import tax rise, and much, much more! 03 February 2014
75 17/01/2014: Vice Trade Minister Bayu Krishnamurthi interviewed, Mineral Resources Director General Q&A, mineral ore ban update, data centers latest, Industry Law analysed, GAKESLAB on health care, and much, much more! 17 January 2014
76 20/12/2013: Andrew Sisson of USAID interviewed, World Bank's Indonesia Economic Quarterly launched, legal agreemenst under review, oil and gas in 2013 and much, much more! 20 December 2013
77 12/12/2013: James Castle interviewed, AmCham AGM, energy update, the food law, bribery report and much, much more! 12 December 2013
78 25/11/2013: Exclusive Prabowo interview, controversial expat regulations for oil and gas, infrastructure snapshot, new BKPM capital investment guidelines and much, much more! 24 November 2013
79 17/10/2013: Aburizal Bakrie exclusive interview, APEC round-up, GM's Marcos A Purty talks cars, Jakarta infrasructure update, AmCham's foreign investment report and much, much more! 17 October 2013
80 30/09/2013: Robert Wang, lead US diplomat for APEC interviewed; Toyota-Astra's Johnny Darmawan talks green cars and gridlock; farmer's bill analyzed; John Fawcett Foundation saving sight of Indonesians; and much, much more! 27 September 2013

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