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1 28/09/2017: eBay teams up with Indonesia; Financial Services and Fintech Mission; policy package 16, and much, much more! 29 September 2017
2 29/8/2017: Apindo's Sammy Hamzah interviewed; e-commerce roadmap; Google's free public WI-FI; millennial matters and more: 29 September 2017
3 15/8/2017: Uber's John Colombo interviewed; why BlackBerry is back; app-based services draft regulation; Dattabot and AI.: 15 August 2017
4 24/7/2017: OJK on fintech; Payment Gateway regulation; Creative Economy Mission and much, much more! 25 July 2017
5 16/06/2017: Budi Gunadi Sadikin Q&A; venture capital; Sidney Jones on terror threat; Hollywood goes Jakarta and more... 21 July 2017
6 17/05/2017: Attracting tourism to Indonesia; work permit workshop; all revved up with Chevrolet; ADB outlook; and more! 17 May 2017
7 10/04/2017: Enny Sri Hartati of INDEF interviewed; Jogja by Hyperloop; RiskMap 2017; IORA Business Summit; and much more! 10 April 2017
8 13/03/2017: AmCham’s Innovation Mission; US Chamber’s IP Index 2017; Wahyu Utomo Q&A; Jakarta underground and much more! 13 March 2017
9 14/02/2017: Sanofi’s Benoît Martineau Q&A; US Ambassador welcomed; US Chamber IP Index; mining regulations and much more! 13 March 2017
10 01/02/2017: IMA on new mining regulation; Patent Law; Services Committee; World Bank and Control Risks reports; and more! 13 March 2017
11 17/01/2017: Does RCEP matter? New personal data regulation; iGrow sustainability; start-ups of the year; and much more! 13 March 2017
12 15/12/16: AmCham AGM and year in review; getting to know RCEP in Indonesia; sustainable fishing in Bali; and much more! 13 March 2017
13 29/11/16: Ambassador Robert O. Blake, Jr. interviewed; 'Jack' Daniels on tourism; Thanksgiving golf; new Trademark Law and more 30 November 2016
14 4/11/2016: AIG's Jon-Paul Jones Interviewed; Yenny Wahid On Pluralism; Trump Is A 'Malignancy': GOP Strategist; And More! 14 November 2016
15 10/10/2016: Lisa J Kubiske interviewed; Rina Ciputra Q&A; AmCham's creative economy mission; and much, much more! 28 October 2016
16 23/09/2016: US-Indonesia Investment Summit Special 28 October 2016
17 8/9/2016: Sheila Wanandi interviewed; AmCham hosts Steve Forbes lunch; the Investment Initiative Summit is coming and more! 28 October 2016
18 22/8/2016: toll road regulator Q&A; the future of TV in Indonesia; TPP updates; connecting things; AmCham's new Platinum Benefactor 28 October 2016
19 10/8/2016: PwC tax leader Ay-Tjhing Phan Q&A, US business optimistic about ASEAN growth and Jokowi's new cabinet assessed! 28 October 2016
20 25/7/2016: AmCham Indonesia bids a fond farewell to Ambassador robert Blake 28 October 2016

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