Breakfast discussion with Daniel Tumiwa, The Indonesia E-commerce Association Chairman

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May, 8 2013

Daniel Tumiwa , Chairman of the Indonesia E-commerce Association, will give a brief presentation on recent regulations from Kominfo and Ministry of Trade that affect the e-commerce sector. They include regulations on digital transactions (PP82 Kominfo) which affects everything related to transaction on a digital medium including SMS’s, digital signature, email and e-commerce; and RPM Domain Name (PP29 Kominfo).

The Indonesia E-Commerce Association ( currently includes over 23 members that include Multiply, BliBLi, Kaskus, Berniaga, E-Bay, TokoBagus, Google, Bank Mandiri, JNE, Fedex, to mention a few, and hopes to be 50 members by year end. Each month IDEA holds seminars about e-commerce for consumers and traders, as well as a large quarterly meeting that draws over 200 attendees.

Luncheon with Nina Triastuti - Indonesian Real Estate Entrepreneur

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April, 25 2013

Nina Triastuti is a creative entrepreneur with a bundle of new ideas and an energetic nature for pursuing them.  She has done consider work on projects in conjunction with several Indonesian ministries, and in particular of  fellow SME member interest, she maintains close ties with officials of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SME’s.  Nina has also dealt with many land clearance and registration issues with the Land Registration Offices and is willing to share knowledge gained with other members.

Education and Workforce Development Committee Luncheon

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April, 23 2013

We are happy to have hosted an informal discussion with the heads and representatives of the following undergraduate-level institutions:

  • Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Industri (STMI), School of Industrial Management
  • Akademi Pimpinan Perusahaan (APP), College of Corporate Leadership
  • Akademi Kimia Analisis (AKA), College of Chemistry Analysis
  • Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Tekstil (STTT), School of Textile Technology

The discussion was about  current curricula and recent graduates, as well as the institutions’ strategy through 2015 and their vision through 2025. 

Luncheon with Dr. Anies Baswedan, Rector of Paramadina University

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April, 18th 2013

In the news now for chairing the investigation of leaked KPK documents, Dr. Baswedan is known for tackling sensitive issues.  As a leading scholar and an expert on education issues, Dr. Baswedan speaks eloquently and forthrightly on conditions in Indonesia.

Dr. Anies was a high school exchange student in Wisconsin and earned his Masters and Ph.D. in the United States, so he draws on personal experience when discussing the Indonesia-U.S. relationship. 

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