David Sable's presentation - Global CEO of Y&R

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June, 10th 2013


“No other time in the history of the world have we seen a 3-year-old and an 80-year-old use the same tool in the same way," says Y&R Global CEO David Sable in his thesis Generation World.

This was a must-attend session for anyone in the business of connecting with today’s consumer, a generation neither defined by its age nor by its language, but rather by its mindset. To connect with Generation World, it’s not just about targeting using data points, it’s about understanding and celebrating what they share in common.

For more information about Mr. David Sable, visit http://www.yr.com/about/people#grid=95

Breakfast with Ruud Engbers, President Director of Mars Indonesia

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June, 4th 2013

Ruud Engbers, President Director of Mars Indonesia, who has a particular focus on our cocoa business and cocoa sustainability activities; and Noel Janetski, who runs the Mars Sustainable Solutions’ marine sustainability activities -- will speak about Mars’ efforts to develop and promote alternate sustainable business solutions for small island and coastal communities.

As part of Mars’ commitment to People, Planet and PerformanceMars Sustainable Solutions Mariculture Program is developing technologies and business models which help restore stock to our marine environments or provide alternative livelihoods to illegal fishing practices, specifically the Coral Triangle. 

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